Master Transcription

Masters of Transcription since 2004!

Master Transcription began in Chicago and currently is based in Austin, Texas. We exist to provide general and time-coded transcripts of uncompromising quality, editing/proofreading, and personal, responsive service.

Since 2004, we have devoted our boutique shop to the service of captains of industry and kings. No subject is beyond our ken. We get it, and we get it right. Our longstanding and prestigious clients are accomplished brainiacs who are confident leaving in our hands the job of transcribing speeches given by U.S. presidents, top CEOs, Nobel prize-winning physicists, and even the Dalai Lama.

We aren’t the most expensive, but with a nonpracticing attorney, writer, and editor at the helm, we would argue, not for nothin’, that we’re the best.

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Above is pictured Monsieur Henri Moses Hunter, miniature red poodle extraordinaire and Chief Operating Officer of Master Transcription. Contrary to all appearances, Henri does not type. But he greases the wheels and without him, nothing would ever get done around here.